Thursday, March 6, 2014

A lovely run and some dating advice

This week... this week I went on exchanges with sister Mckim! She is from Australia and I love her so much! She is so great! This week we had three of our baptismal candidates move their dates to later, but I'm okay with it, because the Juan family is still getting baptized! They are so cute I love them so much! The branch loves them so much too because they live so far away and are so poor that they cant afford the tryce to come to church and so every week they walk to church even though it takes like fifty minutes and it is burning hot. On fast Sunday the members all got up to bear their testimonies and they were all just crying because they were so inspired by the Juan family! Then we had an fhe at their house and a whole bunch of people came and the father finally joined in! He had such a good time he was just laughing and he loved it! He said that we could start teaching them:) I'm just so happy! 
This week we also had mlc. It's always stressful when you have to travel to Laoag, but this time stress was gone. After five hours of trainings in the morning... or four... idk basta its really really long, we got to go and have games at the local stadium... where there was a track.... so I may have gotten to run a full mile:) all by myself:) it was so great! granted I'm a little fatty and it was really hard for me haha but it still felt so good! yes! Then we had a crazy what the heck is this moment at fhe that night.... the APs gave us a training on.... "how to have a quality date"... like an hour long training. It was so weird... but very amusing. one week till may day! I love you all!

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