Monday, June 17, 2013

The whole shebang

Okay! How are you all doing this week? Sana…. Mabuti. So this week has been going by sooo slow…. But now that it is time to email, I feel like it has actually gone by way fast! This week was Sister Walker’s I want to go home week. Considering the fact that at her point in my mission I had already had about ten of those, I would say that she is doing really well.

This week was a little rough because we both were really sick. Colds, coughs, headaches…. The WHOLE shebang, Seems like I pretty much got the worst of it but hopefully it passes soon.

I sang a solo the other night at our fireside. Sister Woahn made me do it. I was ticked! Haha I wasn’t really all that mad, I just felt a little bad for all of the poor people that had to listen. Our fireside this last week  was really well prepared and set up mostly by Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti…. But we helped…. A little. We put everything together and the branch was supposed to all come out and support and invite everyone that they knew. There didn’t end up being a lot of people that came, but we still continued on with the program. Actually funny story: So right before it started  there was hardly anyone there and we were a little bit on the mad side, so we decided to just go out and invite  everyone that we could see… so we did. We went to a bunch of different houses and just told everyone about to. No one came. But we were at least pleased with our efforts.

The branch is really starting to work and understand the missionary work a lot better now in this area so hopefully we will see some changes for the better pretty soon and we will really start seeing a ot of miracles and baptisms in this area.

Tomorrow Elder Teh the Area President is coming to do a fireside in our area, so we are all pretty ready and excited for him to come. Oh yeah…. Sister Woahn is making me sing again…. She’s so meanJ But at least this time it’s not a soloJ P.S. I only say that Sister Woahn is so mean, because I know that she is going to read this next week and it will make her laugh…. But really she is nice!

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