Monday, June 10, 2013

The mission is rough

So on Monday we had to pay our bill in Apari…. I had only been there once and never paid my bill…. But first we had to go and withdraw, So we get to Aparri no problem and go to the bank…. No monies…. So we walk all the way back to where we were when we started…. No monies there either…. So then we walk back to a somewhat sketchy looking bank…. FINALLY!!! MONIES!!!! To bad that only took like a whole HOUR!!!!! Pay the bill no problem and come home…. With only like 1 hour to spare. L So no letters this week.
Tuesday we worked in Fusina, that’s our most progressing area right now and I love to work there, the people are so very nice. J Oh I forgot to mention…. For the 1st 3 days of this week Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti were in Laoag. L…. I missed them.
On Wednesday we worked with a lady in the ward who has always been a little rude to the missionaries, saying things like we aren’t talented because we don’t have baptisms and stuff every week, but this week when she worked with us, the work was really hard and the people were not being very nice to us. She said, “Wow…. Missionary work is hard…. People are rude to you and they don’t respect you.” She has been a lot nicer to us since then and always sticks up for us when people are being rude. J It makes me super grateful that Heavenly Father is still working to change the hearts of members along with the hearts that he is preparing to have us teach. J We also taught this one lady on Wednesday and at first she wasn’t too interested in listening to us, but then our fellowshipper was like do you know what missionaries lives are like (this was after she was way mad at the people who were rude to us) She was like “Missionaries apply to live here for 18-24 months…. They pay for all their food…. They don’t have cell phones…. They aren’t allowed to “hang out”… they aren’t allowed to talk to their families except in letters and emails once a week…. They wake up, prepare lessons, and then walk for miles, to share this important lesson to people like you!!!” then they lady said, “Okay, I’m listening. J
On Thursday working with the members was another story…. We got punted a lot and so we had them show us where the less active’s houses were that we were supposed to be teaching….. all the time the fellowshipper just kept saying how kuwawa (pitiful) I was because I’m an American training an American and I don’t EVEN know how to speak in Ilakano….. s’cuse me ma’am…. But on my mission call and everyone who is called to serve in this mission it says that we have been called by a prophet of God to teach in the language of Tagalog…and my Tagalog is fine.... needless to say…. My companion and I both might have cried after that one….. and I don’t want to work with that fellowshipper EVER AGAIN!!!
Friday was weekly planning…. Can’t believe it’s already Friday.
Saturday- I held a lizard thing today…. It was dead, but it was still disgusting!!!!! I thought that I was going to die!!! We worked in Fusina again, the really progressing area, Sister Walker is getting a lot more confident with the teaching, so hopefully my voice will be restored to it’s full potential again soon. J
The dead lizard
On Sunday we had PEC…. Let’s just say that PEC here is not my favorite. I’m pretty sure that no matter what we do, the branch always has something negative to say about it, this one was ridiculous!  so we just baptized this lady that is SOOOO great! So strong in the church, but she really has like nothing, and she has never even asked for anything, but the branch is treating the whole situation like it is the biggest pain in their butt.... or in their words, pain in the head. They basically tore us apart and were like you all are not good missionaries, you shouldn't be baptizing the poor people you should be baptizing the rich..... that's the closest that I have come on my mission to cursing.... I just said, "you're probably right, I think that is exactly what Jesus would do too....." Oh man.... Sister Woahn and Sister Tauti and I were fuming!!!! Sister Walker didn't really understand what was going on cause it was all in Tagalog but she was still mad with us.:) Then after church we walked with about one kajillion (or 4) fellowshippers. I haven’t figured out how to tell people that we should only work with one or two so it's not overwhelming for the investigator, but it was still good. J
They changed the time for us to report on Sundays, so now we have to be back to the apartment by 6:30…. That’s nice. J I really have no objections at all to that J afterwards we just have…. Time J I love that. J
Keep writing me letters! J I love and miss you all!!!

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