Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm glad that I got to go on a good hike (outside of summit) before the weather got bad. My friend Virgil invited Cayla and I to go hiking with him and we decided that it would be a lot of fun! My cousin Marc was coming down that weekend so it provided the perfect opportunity to do something awesome while he was here! So after going to the drive-In and staying awake till one (big mistake) We woke up at five Saturday morning to get on our way.
Cayla Jo Nelson and James Tacy came and picked us up at my house and then we were on our way!

I think we look pretty dang good for only having three hours of sleep:)

The hike was seven miles to get into Union falls and then seven to come back out. One the hike we had to cross three rivers. The water was pretty cold, but it could have been worse. The worst part was trying to cross without any shoes on... my feet hurt so bad!! So after the first one, I decided that that was enough! I risked loosing my flip flops in the other ones. I am happy to report that I didn't end up loosing either of them:)

Yay! We finally made it! The falls were huge! And so amazingly beautiful! We ended up thinking that it would be a good idea to climb down to the bottom to see if we could maybe go behind the waterfall or anything cool like that. It was cool all right... and by cool I mean that it was freezing cold! We got blasted by the mist at the bottom and by the time we were anywhere near getting behind the waterfall we were already soaking wet.
Our feet got a little dirty/muddy on the hike down and back from the water fall.

On our way back from the falls we stopped at this little water hole to go swimming. We had to break the rule a little and wander off trail so that we could change, but when we got in the water it was all worth it! The water was extremely warm even though it was moving so fast! We played in the water for about an hour and then we headed back. The trip was really fun and we all had a really fun time!

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