Monday, August 22, 2011

Oh finally! The joys of Bear world!!!

Thats right everyone after four years of working at Bear World hearing about all of the famous people that the OTHER employees have gotten to see.... My turn has finally come:) Thats right I got to talk to Harrison Ford and  Calista Flockhart today. It Was pretty much great if I do say so myself. (which I do)

After figuring out who she was I decided to go out and creep on her so I went out to get a drink. While I was at the cafe a man came up right next to me and started to put stuff onto his burger. I looked at him for like a second and thought to myself, "hmmm, that man looks like Harrison Ford." Then I continued to creep on Calista. I went back inside and one of the keepers for the bears came in and was like oh my gosh you know who is here? And we said uh yeah Calista! And he said Yeah!!! and Harrison Ford!!!! So I called Cayla Jo a girl that we work with who is amazingly obsessed with Harrison Ford and told her.... then something powerful came over me and I walked outside right up to him and asked him if he would talk to her on the phone!!! Then he did! I was shaking so bad!! I thanked him after he was done and then walked away without a pic or anything. Later his wife came in and I gave her some fudge and her kids bought some stuffed animal wolves:) LOVE IT!!!

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  1. OMeffingG!!! So jealous. I don't know what I would have done. You're so cool!! Miss you girlie.